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Our strengths and weaknesses

``Our strength is that we have been blessed with the most fantastic team of people and our weakness is not having enough hours in the day to accomplish our goals, fast enough.``

Deanne Gomes


About us

EDMA Systems is a young,  high-energy, innovative company, that was started in 2017, out of a need to offer a bespoke job costing solution from a payroll perspective. Companies that have a vital need to cost items to tasks, jobs or projects  understand it is a very manual and paper intensive task and whilst most time and attendance software companies advertise that they offer a job costing solution, it is very limited, with little or no ability to digitally manage all the necessary items efficiently, therefore creating an expensive product with no real solution for the customer.


EDMA Software has been designed to not only fulfil that vital costing requirement but also to manage other important aspects of the projects at the same time, we combined our job costing module with aspects of health & safety and employee management, eliminating the duplication that exists in cross departmental functions.  One aspect of the development required us to create our own time and attendance system, merely a by-product of the job costing module, that has become a popular choice for customers requiring a user-friendly, cloud-based time and attendance system.


Our expertise in Payroll, Human Resources and Job Costing gave us the ability to push the envelope on our time and attendance module, creating instead,  a very unique  time, attendance and costing system, that has the ability to forecast staff costs in real-time, schedule multiple staff in one bulk action, manage employee data with actionable dashboards and process time sheets with multi-level rate structures.


We are taking integrated business software into an exciting new era, complimenting Human Resources, Job Costing and Time and Attendance modules with our Fleet, Stock and Health & Safety modules in 2021, moving from an effective workforce management solution, to an effective business management solution. We have the privilege of working with amazing customers, whom have seen potential in EDMA’s existing and future modules, some even signing up whilst the modules are being built. EDMA will always be in development and we encourage our customers to ask for features that will improve the user experience for them and although in certain instances, the release of these features can take some time, we are proud that it will be done and released to the customer at no extra charge.


Developing the best business software product will always be at the top of our Flywheel and this cannot be done without our dedicated team, we are not only privileged to have amazing customers, but we have been blessed with the most fantastic team of people. Each team member goes above and beyond for the betterment of EDMA and our customers and pride themselves on superior customer service throughout the experience, from enquiries and sales, to end-user support. Our team is committed to providing a fast, efficient on-boarding process that enables our customers to go live with speed and confidence. Our business model incorporates comprehensive implementation, training and support, reducing unforeseen costs and optimising results for every customer.


Our main focus is to provide our customers with EDMA Software-as-a-Service, with software implementation, training and support however we also sell, install and support a range of Virdi biometric devices including but not limited to fingerprint, facial and card reader devices, in order to assist our customers with not having to deal with more than one service provider when it comes to the full solution. Customers are entitled to purchase their own biometric devices and EDMA can be configured to those devices [ provided it is a product that we integrate with ], however we will not be able to maintain and support those hardware devices on behalf of another supplier, should there be a problem with the devices themselves.

Software Subscriptions

EDMA is cloud hosted and available on multiple web browsers. Our software subscriptions include automatic software updates to the latest versions, so there are no hidden costs.

Software Training

Our software training sessions can be tailored to suit your business needs. We offer Zoom remote training, group training and one-on-one training sessions.

Software Support

We offer various support packages to suit your business needs. Our support team can be available to assist online, by telephone and on-site, depending on your SLA package.

Hardware Sales

We offer one of the best biometric brands on the market, our Virdi biometric fingerprint and facial recognition devices are built to last and are recognized worldwide as best-in-class hardware across industries.

Hardware Installation

We provide a turn-key solution, offering the installation of all biometric fingerprint and facial recognition devices for you, so you don't have to. Our installation partners are product certified and have years of experience in their field.

Mobile apps

EDMA software modules are uniquely designed to work with our mobile applications. Our Mobile apps are designed for Android and iOS devices and available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple iOS App store.

Our core values


Individually we are all determined people and together the determination to achieve our goals, no matter what is thrown at us, is our strength.


Our passion drives us to finding solutions, for ourselves and our customers. Enjoying what we do is paramount to a happy life.


Our ability to persevere through hard times, building a business out of nothing, but always coming together as a team to achieve greatness.


Our trust in each other as a team is the bedrock of our business, life and family relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide software that helps businesses to improve their efficiencies whilst reducing costs and proactively maintaining health, safety and environmental protocols, ensuring the safety of all their employees, stakeholders and their community.

Our Core Focus

Our core focus is to design, develop and maintain our software to the highest standard, ensuring we never lose sight of what our customers require.

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