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The best management tool for all sized businesses

We provide a holistic time management solution

Let us help you become more efficient in managing your workforce

Planning & Scheduling

Designed to centrally manage your workforce across multiple branches, no matter the location. Manage leave, days off and shifts in one place.

Reduce Staff Costs

Effectively manage staff costs and overtime before it happens.

Improve Planning

Plan staff holiday leave, days off and shift schedules more efficiently.

Increase Efficiencies

Proactively manage staff across multiple departments and branches in one single software.

What is EDMA Time and Attendance?

EDMA Time and Attendance module is more than just your average time and attendance software, it has been designed to assist businesses in proactively managing and correctly paying their employees,  with little or no need for manual intervention. Each shift is set up with very specific payment rules, based on your organisations’ unique pay structures. Once an employee is shifted to their specific shift in the EDMA Shift scheduler, the employees timesheets will automatically calculate what the employee will be due for payroll, based on the clocking transactions from biometric devices or EDMA mobile clocking apps.

EDMA has a unique costing system built into the backend that is able to pay multiple rate structures and designed to report on staff costs in real-time before the timesheets go to payroll for processing. EDMA also, has up to four timesheet approval processes and multiple file formats for importing into payroll, eliminating any manual capturing of hours and rates into payroll.

Module Features

Late, Left early and Absenteeism Alerts

EDMA alerts users which staff are late, have left early and are absent for the day.

Dashboard Exception Management

Manage timesheet exceptions straight from the dashboard, no need to access timesheets every day.

Work remotely

Admin and payroll staff can manage timesheets and payroll exports online while working remotely.

Shift payment rule set up

EDMA will automatically pay hours in timesheets according to predefined shift payment rules.

Single and bulk shift scheduling

Easy efficient, single and bulk scheduling system. Allocate days off, leave and shifts all in one place.

Holiday and sick leave management

Manage all leave in advance, with leave request and approvals system linked to timesheet approvals.

Automatic Timesheet Creation

EDMA creates automatic real-time live timesheets, updating employee transactions as they happen.

Multiple Timesheet Approvals

Timesheets can have up to four levels of approval based on user access definitions.

Export to Payroll

EDMA has multiple payroll export file formats available for download and export to payroll.

EDMA Integrations coming in January 2021

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EDMA Time mobile clocking application

Let us help you become more efficient in managing your workforce

EDMA Time mobile clocking application

Let us help you become more efficient in managing your workforce